We are using the UAV's that I have designed and built for multiple mapping projects within the Peruvian Andes. A primary goal has been to map glacier surface and volume changes over time at high (centimetre) spatial resolution. 

I  have completed return aerial surveys over a few glaciers within the Cordillera Blanca (Llaca pictured) and am using this to investigate glacier motion, surface controls on down wasting and total volume loss. Traditional methods of estimating mass balance such as ablation stakes are difficult over debris covered glaciers as a result of the highly heterogeneous rates of change and accessibility. Additionally, quantifying changes over these small glaciers is difficult using remote sensing products such as Landsat and MODIS which are often too coarse to detect small annual changes. You can read about the results of this research in Cryosphere Discussions, and also by following the links on my news & media page. 

We are using similar techniques to understand glacier changes in Huancayo, Peru; and have recently deployed a balloon platform to map a rock glacier in Great Basin National Park, Nevada. In addition I have been involved in the collection of terrestrial LiDAR scans of a glacier on Volcan Chimborazo, Ecuador. 

You can see some of my work in interactive 3D on my sketchfab page.